Golden Deeds Award


Rose Gott and her sister Marg Andrews tag items at Ladies of Charity on Tuesday, May. 2, 2017. Andrews is the recipient of the Golden Deed award. | H-W Photo/Jake Shane Jake Shane 1|

By  Herald-Whig

Posted: May. 6, 2017 10:45 pm

QUINCY — Margaret “Marg” Andrews has not stopped volunteering since she first began more than 80 years ago.

Her mother instilled in her the importance of service work as a child, taking her to feed the sick before she was 10 and getting her involved in local organizations like 4-H.

“These were things we did naturally, things I thought everybody did.” she said, “It seems like every time I’ve gotten into anything it has been doing service work for somebody.”

Andrews, 93, was recently honored by the Quincy Exchange Club with its Golden Deeds award.

“It really surprised me. I don’t think I do golden deeds,” she said. “It’s always just what you want to do for somebody else. I think most people are like that.”

Andrews led 4-H clubs in her living room for almost 40 years.

“The kids would make favors, and we would take them to nursing homes or the Illinois Veterans Home,” she said. “I had good kids. They were fun to work with.”

Over the years, she had several 4-H kids who won at the county and state levels.

“They were really good at what they did,” she said. “They would learn public speaking, and they always put on skits.”

When her mother moved into Sunset Home, Andrews began visiting daily. She quickly joined the auxiliary and later became the organization’s president.

“We thought they should have a little coffee shop out there,” she said. “With our urging, they built it, and then we got to work, at least four or five days a week.”

Andrews and her sister, Rose Gott, have been volunteering together for decades. After their mother died, the sisters jumped over to Ladies of Charity Thrift Store. They have worked at the thrift store together for more than 20 years. Andrews volunteers there three days a week and Gott four. Each shift is four hours.

“We fight,” Gott joked. “We fight regularly, and it keeps everyone there entertained. I think she eggs me on when she has an audience. She likes to show how fiesty she is.”

Andrews has also belonged to the Secular Franciscan Order and the Cursillo.

“The main thing with that too is service, giving of what you have,” Andrews said. “They wanted to spread the word of God and do what’s good for others. That was easy to follow for me.”

She has had a deterioration of her eye’s rods and cones since birth. Although she is visually impaired, she has never shyed away from work.

“The doctors didn’t know what it was for years,” she said. “I see better when it’s dark, so I just wear sunglasses. People don’t realize I can’t see across the street, but if you ask people to help you, they’ll help you.”

Andrews makes personalized cards for loved ones and acquaintances alike for almost any occasion.

“Anybody she hears is sick, has had a birthday or retired,” Gott said. “She has done it all her life. Now I think she does it as a challenge.”

Andrews is still full of energy.

“I enjoy staying busy, and I’m sure volunteering helps,” she said, “When I’m home, I just sit and watch tv or turn on a record and just fall asleep. I try to always keep busy.”

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